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Ming Chi University of Technology Report of 106-107TEEP@AsiaPlus Program

update date : 2019-02-01

    College of Engineering, Ming Chi University of Technology (MCUT) carried out TEEP@AsiaPlus 2017 program from February to October. There are 10 outstanding young students from Malaysia, India, Indonesia, and Thailand came to MCUT for study and do research. These students chose their research interest, research advisor and department in MCUT based on their personal expertise. Their research duration in MCUT is around 2-5 months. The following Figure 1 is the list of the students.

    The lecturers who participated in TEEP@AsiaPlus program agreed that the involvement between the Taiwanese students and foreign students in research will give a good impact to the academia of MCUT and improve the international viewpoint of Taiwanese students. On the other hand, there is one student who participated in TEEP @ India program, Purushotham Thatiboyana came back to MCUT in December of 2018. Now, he became research assistant in the Organic Electronics Research Center in MCUT. Therefore, TEEP@AsiaPlus Plus program which promote by Ministry of Education is an effective path to select talented student from foreign countries.



Ikhsan Rahman Husein     

Andhika Putra Pattragun Janpan
Anand Sharma Rifki Meilianda
Haryanto Vivek Parimi
Hamim Bahaudin Bin Mutalim             Yash Varma
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