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Ming Chi University of Technology Report of 106TEEP@India Program

We supported three students under TEEP@India program to pursue their internship project in Ming Chi University of Technology, New Taipei City, Taiwan. The students were selected from the top academic institutes in India – one student from IIT, BHU and two students from Central Electrochemical Research Institute, Tamilnadu. All the students completed their internship successfully and was overwhelmed by the research facility, environment, and the interaction with the professors here. They have delivered their exaltation not only through the video prepared by them individually but also have motivated the potential students in India to apply in Ming Chi University of Technology suggesting that the research atmosphere is great and the interaction between the professors and the students is way more positive and fascinating than that in India. They have also mentioned that the researches carried out in Organic Electronics Research Centre and the Battery Research Centre are of great importance to industries. Mr. Purushotham Thatiboyana with the background of Materials Engineering was assigned a project entitled “Synthesis of metal oxide thin film with in situ grown silver nanostructures for using as a SERS substrate” which he completed in Organic Electronics Research Center whereas Mr. T.S. Amarnath and Mr. Shubham Chatterjee were assigned the projects entitled “Preparation of lithium aluminate titanium phosphate (LATP) hybrid membrane coated LiNi0.8Co0.1Mn0.1O2 cathode material and analyze its electrochemical performance of Li-ion batteries” and “Preparation of a suitable coating material for LNCAO cathode material for a good capacity and stable cycle and find the correct loading of the coating on LNCAO” respectively carried out in the Battery Research Center for Green Energy.

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