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College of Engineering International Professional Learning Group – Japan Visit

To widen the students’ international viewpoint, the College of Engineering had chosen 10 selected students to form “College of Engineering International Professional Learning Group” and led by Dr. Hsu Hung-Pin. The group visited the Shibaura Institute of Technology, museum, and well-known industrial company such as Panasonic and Toyota during five days in Japan.

 On the 1st day of arrival in Japan, the group had visited the NTT Docomo History Square. There are many telecommunication devices display in there and all the staffs are very friendly to explain the history of the mobile devices. Everyone received a souvenir before they continue to their next destination.

Dr. Hsu and the students had visited the Shibaura Institute of Technology (SIT) on 9th – 11st May which is the main purpose of this visit. Shibaura Institute of Technology is a private university and located in Tokyo, Japan. SIT is established in 1949 and currently has Faculty of Engineering, School of Information Science and Engineering, School of Arts and Sciences. Besides the campus tour, they also visited the mechanical, electrical and electronics laboratories. Moreover, some students from National Taipei University of Technology are invited to share the study experiences in Shibaura Institute of Technology with the Learning Group members.

 During this visit, the officer from the International Affair Centre of SIT has suggested to Dr. Hsu that Ming Chi University of Technology (MCUT) and Shibaura Institute of Technology should sign a memorandum of understanding together as a sister school. This message has been sent to the Centre of International Affair, MCUT and the action has been taken from both sides. MCUT and SIT will formally become the sister school soon. Student exchange program, academic research program, and International Project-Based Learning (iPBL) program will be promoted from MCUT and SIT in the future.

Furthermore, the students also visited Kawasaki Robostage and experienced Virtual Reality (VR) and robot arm. Toyota MEGA is a large area showcase, all the car display there are using future car technologies and concepts. Miraikan (known as The National Museum of Emerging Science and Innovation created by Japan's Science and Technology Agency), Panasonic Center and TEPIA Advanced Technology Gallery had many interactive devices such as handheld Bluetooth connection remote to control the robots or using the tablet to control model car. These technologies really make the students amaze and excited.

Besides this, the students also visited Kogyogijutsu Museum which located in Nippon Institute of Technology. The curator had shown them one locomotive that serves in the Meiji period and everyone is amazed when the engine of the locomotive still can be ignited.

This Japan visit gave a very good impact on the students and lecturers, many pieces of knowledge that obtained can be a benefit in daily life.


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