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Ming Chi University of Technology First Experience in Central America International Expo & Forum 2017 Universidad de Guanajuato, Mexico

update date : 2018-03-29

Prof. Jin-Wei Liang, Dean of College of Engineering MCUT and Dr. Tsang-Yen Hsieh, Head of Department of Electronics Engineering were invited to join the International Expo & Forum 2017 in Universidad de Guanajuato, Mexico on 19th-23rd September 2017. Prof. Liang and Dr. Hsieh introduced and explained to any Mexican students who interested in Ming Chi University of Technology, Taiwan during the expo. Many participants were attracted by the Organic Light Emitting Display(OLED) display products and it became most attractive display products in the expo. 

The International Expo & Forum 2017 starting with open ceremony and conference lecture. In the open ceremony, the Vice-Chancellor of Universidad de Guanajuato, Mexico (UG) has introduced the participants from different countries which including Japan, France, Belgium, Spain, Columbia, Taiwan, Canada, and United State of America. Ming Chi University of Technology is the only one participant came from Taiwan. Thus, MCUT has been drawn much attention in this expo. 


Prof. Liang joined two conference lectures on 20th September.  One of the conference lecture titles is “Industry 4.0”. The moderator of the conference lecture is Prof. Martin Nunez from UG and the participants are from Prof. Kita, Principal of Ibaraki National College of Technology, Japan, Prof. Alain Vande Wouver, University of Mons, Belgium, and Prof. Elias Ledesma Orozco from UG. The conference lecture mainly discussed on the impact of “Industry 4.0” around the world and emphasize the effect of higher education on our talented next generation. Prof. Kita from Japan first pointed out that robots will replace human in heavy industries. Thus, new business models and patterns will be looked for and developed. Beside this, Prof. Alain Vande Wouver has pointed out that there were many manufacturing factories in Belgium for past few years, and now they are all out of the country. The manpower for manufacturing industry needs to be relocated for other uses. Therefore, Belgium government encourages small and medium-sized enterprises to develop new products in the biotechnology industry and other industries.

Then, Prof. Elias Ledesma Orozco focused on the education issues and emphasized on the network technology in e-learning. Another conference lecture titled “Wall-less collaboration, A new era of US-Mexico Relations in Higher Education” was held in the afternoon on the same day.

On 19th September, the organizer specially arranged Prof. Liang and Dr. Hsieh to visit the Dean of College of Natural Science and the head of departments in UG. According to the explanation from the staff of UG International Office, UG has close collaboration with many countries around the world, which included the United States of America, France, Canada, Brazil, Spain, and Japan. In Asia region, Mexico has the closest relations with Japan. Japan has many universities have student exchange program with UG. Moreover, UG had participated the International Education Expo 2016 in Kaohsiung, Taiwan. Hence, the staffs of UG International Office had a good relationship with Dr. Winnie Li, director of the International Office, MCUT and UG have a good impression of Taiwan and MCUT. 


On the second day of the expo, Prof. Ramirez, Dean of the College of Natural Science specially came for the presentation of Prof. Dr. Liang. They had a great conversation after the presentation. Many students from UG and several Japanese higher institutions showed their interest in MCUT during the presentation of Prof. Dr. Liang. In the afternoon, the organizer invited Prof. Dr. Liang, Principal of University of Granada, Spain, and Principal of Japan National College of Technology to attend an exclusive interview with UG University Television Station.

The contents of the exclusive interview are mainly focused on how to strengthen the relationship between UG with MCUT, the specialty of MCUT and the experience to join the expo and forum in UG.

The last day of the expo and forum, Prof.Liang and Dr. Hsieh visited the engineering college of UG in Salamanca campus. They had a formal discussion with the dean of the college of engineering and bio-science. 


After the discussion, Prof.Liang and Dr. Hsieh had visited three laboratories in the college of engineering which are mechanical manufacturing, stress analysis and measurement, and imaging process. In the imaging, process laboratory demonstrated the “Virtual Reality” (VR) application on the measurement and biotechnology research. The demonstration gave an unforgettable impression for all the visitors.


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