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Professor Michael Pecht from University of Maryland USA Visiting Ming Chin University of Technology Taiwan

update date : 2018-02-08

Invited by the Center for Reliability Engineering (CRE), Professor Micahel Pecht, the international-renowned expert in reliability and Director of Center for Advanced Life Cycle Engineering (CALCE), University of Maryland, USA, came to visit MCUT on Feb. 17th, 2017. Professor Pecht was accompanied by Professor Cher Ming Tan and Professor Jer Huan Jang, who introduced the labs and equipment, as well as the research of CRE. Professor Pecht also visited the Organic Electronics Research Center. Most of all, Professor Pecht delivered a keynote speech, “Systems Health Monitoring and Management within the Internet of Things,” in International Workshop on Reliability for Advanced Technology, held by CRE, on February 16. 

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