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Visit from Prof. Dr. CNS Murthy, Principal of Chameli Devi Group of Institutions, India


Chameli Devi Group of Institutions (CGDI) is one of the private higher education institution in India that had visited by Dr. Jin-Wei Liang, Dean of College of Engineering Ming Chi University of Technology and his team on April 2016. The founder of the CGDI is a successful entrepreneur. Dr. Liang and his team been fetched by Prof Srikant, manager of the research center, CGDI when arriving in India. Visiting team from the Ming Chi University of Technology visited the CGDI and met Prof. Dr. CNS Murthy, the Principal of CGDI. They had a discussion with all the professors from various engineering departments from CGDI (including electrical, electronics, mechanical and IT).

On September 2017, Dr. CNS Murthy was fetched by Dr. Sajal Biring from electronics engineering department at the airport when arriving in Taiwan. Dr. Liang gave a bouquet of flower to Dr. CNS Murthy express purpose of welcome when he arrived at Ming Chi University of Technology. Dr. CNS Murthy had visited the Organic Electronics Research Center then met Dr.Thu-Hua Liu, the Principal of Ming Chi University of Technology and accompanied by Dr. Sajal Biring. Dr. Murthy also visited the Center of Reliability Engineering, Battery Research Center of Green Energy, and Center for Thin Film Technologies and applications. Head of department from different colleges in MCUT had a great discussion with Dr. CNS Murthy. MCUT look forward to collaborate with CGDI in future.


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